Don't exercise or do other physical activities outdoors; instead plan them for warmer days or save them for a warmer season. It's important to talk to your doctor about what you should do in the case of an exacerbation and how long you should wait to call your doctor when your symptoms start to get worse. You should always seek out lean proteins instead of fatty proteins, and choose fresh, lean meats over processed meats. Notice it says at the very end that Vit D dosn't help prevent COPD Exacerbations. The biggest COPD trigger by far both in terms of the onset of the condition and managing it down the road is smoking. It's still just as important to practice proper hygiene and protect yourself from germs and people who are sick. walnuts, almond butter, and macadamia nuts), Milk, yogurt, and other dairy products that are fortified with Vitamin D, Cleaning the house (e.g. Without prompt medical treatment (and even with it), a serious exacerbation can be life-threatening. Refill your medicines before you are out so that you do not miss a dose. You can get air purifiers that work for single rooms or whole-house units that filter all the air in your house. Use the pursed-lips breathing technique to control your breaths and make it easier to breathe. If you have COPD, spending time outdoors in hazardous pollution could give you worsened symptoms for days. The longer you wait to seek help, the more you'll be at risk for serious complications and the less likely you'll be to make a full recovery. That means getting vaccinated, staying on top of your medications, and going out of your way to avoid anything that could get you sick. If this happens to you, try sipping or drinking small amounts of water at a time and spread it out through the day so it doesn't cause bloating and breathlessness. Don't forget to wear sunscreen the rest of the time, though; there's no need to damage your skin or increase your risk of cancer. A person may prevent COPD exacerbations by getting enough sleep. We've split it into two sections, things you should wash your hands before doing and things you should wash your hands after. This cleaning product uses ammonia, so take care when mixing or using this spray. Water is a vital and often underestimated tool for good health. Did you know that the foods that you eat can affect your COPD symptoms and how easy it is to breathe? You should also practice mucus clearance techniques to get rid of excess mucus, which tends to trap bacteria and raise your chances for flare-ups and infections. This strengthens your breathing muscles and helps you remember how to breathe correctly in the heat of those moments when your symptoms act up. We'll go in-depth into a variety of activities, useful techniques, and special precautions you can take to reduce your risk. But first, you should make sure you know how to wash your hands the right way. Regular exercise and living an active lifestyle makes it easier to feel tired and fall asleep at night. When you spend time in the heat, it raises your body temperature, which makes your body have to work harder to cool you down. Sync up your movements with your breathing to avoid breathlessness while you vacuum. Keep the windows and doors in your home shut tight on days when the pollution and pollen levels are high. This traps the heat and moisture from your breath in order to warm and humidify the air you breathe. That's why it's so important to do whatever you can to avoid getting sick, including getting vaccinations, practicing good hygiene, and living a healthy lifestyle. Always take off your shoes immediately after coming indoors to avoid tracking dust, pollen, and other grime around your house. These are much better choices than sugary sodas or juices. Denver, CO 80237, Monday - Sunday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm MST, 15 Practical Ways to Prevent COPD Exacerbations, See the COPD Foundation's interactive map, Search a directory of pulmonary rehabilitation centers, More difficulty catching your breath than usual, A change in mucus color (yellow, green, or blood-tinged in color), Increased mucus in your lungs and airways, Difficulty sleeping because your symptoms keep you up, Having less energy than usual to do normal daily activities, Breathlessness and fatigue at rest or after extremely light activities, If you've had an exacerbation within the past year, If you have more severe COPD symptoms (e.g. Don't go to anyone's house if someone who lives there is sick, even if the sick person won't be present. An exacerbation of COPD (periodic escalations of symptoms of cough, dyspnea, and sputum production) is a major contributor to worsening lung function, impairment in quality of life, need for urgent care or hospitalization, and cost of care in COPD. Many offer relatively affordable bulk clothes washing and folding services. As final tip for getting extra vitamin D, spend a few minutes in the sun! Avoid air pollution. A COPD exacerbation (also known as an acute exacerbation) happens when you get sick or your lungs get especially inflamed, making your symptoms much worse for an extended period of time. When the humidity outdoors is very high, keep your windows and doors closed to keep the moist air out of your home. … Common Indoor Triggers Broadly speaking, indoor … The earlier you begin treating an acute COPD exacerbation, the better your chances of avoiding life-threatening symptoms and hospitalization. Your doctor can give you a referral and help you find a class in your local area that works for you. In particular, COPD patients should eat fewer carbohydrates than what's usually recommended for healthy adults and eat more proteins and fats instead. To use your personal pulse oximeter at home, all you have to do is clamp the small, clamshell-shaped device onto the tip of your finger. On average, COPD patients experience at least one or two exacerbations every year. It is best to sleep on your back or your side for proper posture. Better yet, have someone else mix and/or use it for you. I take Vit D, it really has never been actually proven that the vitamin helps. Even if you get an exacerbation despite managing your symptoms properly, following an action plan can reduce the time it takes to recover from the exacerbation. Sometimes the baseline for your readouts needs to be adjusted based on your skin type or other physiological characteristics. Shake to mix, and your window cleaner is ready to go! This is a great way to make sure that you're getting enough oxygen and to monitor your COPD on a daily basis. There are sample action plans available from the American Lung Association and Australian Lung Foundation websites to give you an idea of how they work. For individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), managing the symptoms and avoiding exacerbations can be a full-time job. a severe daily cough or severe breathlessness every day). Make sure any appliances that release moisture into the air, including your washing machine, clothes dryer, stove, and dishwasher well-ventilated. Shake it lightly to mix, then let it sit until it stops fizzing. Feb 27, 2018 1:45:45 PM / by Create a dark, cool, comfortable environment to sleep in. What Causes COPD Exacerbations? Never smoke or allow others to smoke in or around your home. But beyond this obvious culprit, there are a number of other lung irritants that can trigger or worsen your COPD symptoms. This is probably because, for a variety of reasons, COPD patients tend to be deficient in vitamin D. Researchers suspect that this deficiency leads to worsened symptoms and quicker disease progression, especially in people with advanced COPD. Even healthy people have to be extra cautious in large crowds and take extra precautions not to get sick. Take shorter showers to reduce the amount of humidity that builds up in your bathroom. salmon, tuna, cod, bass, perch, halibut), Lean poultry (white meat chicken and white meat turkey), Vegetable oils, nut oils, and seed oils (e.g. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from illnesses that cause exacerbations is to get regular vaccinations. • Get flu shot every year. Doing so will not only reduce your risk of exacerbations, but it will also help you work some extra physical activity into your daily routine. Get your annual flu sh… Though it is important to take care of exacerbation … Checking air and pollen reports are just the first step to protecting yourself from airborne irritants. That's all! It supports healthy muscles for better exercise, healthy digestion, and helps keep your airways clear and free from harmful bacteria. A COPD flare-up is a temporary increase in symptoms that can happen when you breathe in respiratory irritants like dust, smoke, or dry air. They usually happen as a result of a respiratory illness or infection that causes inflammation, excess mucus, and reduced lung function. Moisture from your shower, pipe leaks, water damage, or any other source is nearly guaranteed to grow mold if it stays damp for more than 12-24 hours. Most people do best when the humidity is around 40 percent, and a humidity range between 30 and 50 percent is recommended for people with respiratory conditions and diseases. Here are some additional tips for keeping up with your medications: Washing your hands is one of the best ways to avoid exposing yourself to germs that could get you sick, especially in public places where the risk of encountering a contagious virus or infection is much higher. Other foods, like spicy and acidic foods, can cause bloating and stomach discomfort, especially if you have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). BACKGROUND:COPD is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world. Use the re-circulation option for your car's ventilation system to re-circulate the air in your cabin instead of pulling in polluted air from the road. Studies show that when people with COPD reduce their carbohydrate intake, it can cause noticeable improvements in lung function, reduce shortness of breath, and may even reduce the frequency of COPD exacerbations.However, you still need to include healthy carbohydrates in your meals in order to get essential nutrients and provide your body with the energy it needs to function. Typical levels of air pollution vary from city to city, but they also vary from day to day. 2. Here are some other ideas for cardiovascular activities you can do to improve your COPD: While many COPD patients have difficulty exercising because of breathlessness and other symptoms, muscle weakness is actually the most common reason that patients avoid exercise. You can't always control or prevent an exacerbation, but you can control whether or not you make healthy choices. Several types of medications have also been shown to decrease your chance of having an exacerbation. How to prevent COPD exacerbations There are a few things you can do to prevent COPD exacerbations, and quitting smoking—if you or your loved one hasn’t already—should be at the top of the list. Try to reduce your … If other people you live with or spend time with smoke, ask them to never smoke around you or your home. And since exercise is one the most important parts of COPD treatment, it's very important to keep your muscles healthy and strong. Dry air is harsh and irritating to your lungs, while extra-humid air is heavy and hard to inhale. Pulmonary rehabilitation is like a crash course on how to live the best possible life while managing your COPD. When you have COPD, your lungs have to work harder and use more energy, which means you need extra calories to make up the difference. However, the choices you make can have a significant influence on the frequency and severity of flare-ups and exacerbations. Email: [email protected], ScriptHero Pharmacy Dealing with these symptoms at bedtime makes getting to sleep and staying asleep extremely difficult. You may already be taking these to treat your COPD. Here is a list of the most common respiratory irritants that you should avoid: Airborne irritants like the ones on this list get into your lungs and airways when you breathe contaminated air. That's why it's so important to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria. If your symptoms don't improve within a certain period of time (determined by your doctor), you should call your doctor right away. Thoroughly cleaning all the surfaces in your house removes bacteria, viruses, and other respiratory irritants that cause exacerbations. You should seek emergency medical care if you experience unusually severe symptoms, can't catch your breath, or show signs of low blood oxygen (like confusion, a severe headache, a bluish color to your skin, or extreme fatigue). The specialists will help you make a plan to avoid triggers that cause an exacerbation. You might also avoid drinking water before meals so you save room for more calorie-dense foods and avoid getting too full. That's why it's so important to stay indoors and take extra precautions during the winter months. Dust, pollen, and pet dander tend to build up in the little-trafficked places in your home, such as basements, closets, corners, and shelves. Oxygen therapy, a cleaner and healthier breath. It is not possible to prevent all COPD exacerbations, especially in the advanced stages of the disease. One of the most important ways to protect your lungs is to watch your local air quality reports and know how to protect yourself when pollution and pollen levels are high. Add two cap-fulls (about 6-8 teaspoons) of ammonia to the bottle. Exacerbations can be life-threatening at any stage of the disease, but they are particularly dangerous for people with advanced COPD. Use the vent fan on your stove when cooking steamy or smoky foods. It's completely non-invasive, comfortable, and and incredibly easy to use. Quitting smoking can slow the progression of COPD and prevent exacerbations. Even if you follow all of the advice above, you're likely to get sick if you don't keep up with your medications. The inflammation that respiratory irritants trigger causes your airways to narrow and increases mucus production that clogs your lungs and airways. By tracking your blood oxygen saturation readings and testing yourself often you can gain a lot of valuable information that can help you manage and treat your disease. 2 • Almost half or 1 in 2 (46%) people of people with COPD who answered this survey said they do not know how to prevent exacerbations or flare-ups. Sleep disorders are very common among people with COPD, and the disease comes with uncomfortable symptoms that can affect your quality of sleep. Some patients don't get any symptoms or don't notice them as a sign of low oxygen levels, and don't get help until their condition gets much more severe. But cleaning does come with some hazards, including exposing yourself and your lungs to dangerous household chemicals and dust as you clean. You may already be taking these to treat your COPD. You can also work to reduce how serious the exacerbations or flare ups become to stay as healthy as … So if you're ready to improve your quality of life and take charge of your health today, continue reading for 15 practical ways you can reduce your risk for acute COPD exacerbations. You can also get a hand-held, battery-powered fan to bring with you whenever you go outdoors in the heat. Azithromycin for Prevention of COPD Exacerbations. Symptoms include breathing difficulty, cough, mucus (sputum) production and wheezing. Patients often don' t notice that their blood oxygen levels have fallen until they get a headache or start to feel dizzy, faint, or breathless. It doesn't do much good to avoid outdoor pollutants by staying indoors if the air inside your home is full of contaminates, too. Even minor colds and non-respiratory illnesses can compromise your lungs and immune system and cause an exacerbation. Azithromycin taken daily prevents exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD exacerbations), but seems to also carry risks for cardiovascular death and hearing loss. Always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or over-the-counter medications. Because COPD suppresses your immune system, people with the disease are much more prone to getting sick when exposed to lots of people's germs. You can get one for your bedroom and any other space you tend to spend a lot of time in, or you can get a whole-house humidifier that hooks up to your home's main ventilation system. That's why you have to be particularly careful to protect yourself during the summer and winter months. [5][6] In turn, this will impact your quality of life while living with COPD. To help prevent exacerbations and other complications, doctors recommend the flu vaccine and Pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine for all people with COPD. Talk to your healthcare provider about how you are managing your COPD and how you can avoid exacerbations… Learning and practicing breathing techniques, Learning how to conserve energy for what's most important, Mental health counseling and group support sessions, Learning how to use oxygen and other medications to manage respiratory symptoms, Call 1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872) to get information on pulmonary rehabilitation classes from the American Lung Association's Lung HelpLine, AQI 0-50 (green): Good, little or no risk, AQI 51-100 (yellow): Moderate, could be unhealthy for very sensitive groups (including people with severe COPD), AQI 101-150 (orange): Unhealthy for sensitive groups (including people with COPD and other lung conditions), AQI 151-200 (red): Unhealthy for everyone, but especially sensitive groups, AQI 201-300 (purple): Very unhealthy, could trigger serious health effects, AQI 301-500 (maroon): Hazardous, emergency conditions (such as smoke from a nearby wildfire). 2. Drinking soda, sugary juices, and other caffeinated beverages is another bad habit that can lead to dehydration. It's always disappointing to have to cancel a get-together or an evening out with friends, but it is a necessary thing to do if someone is sick. To reduce your chances of flare-ups and exacerbations, you should avoid spending time outdoors any time the air is especially humid, especially dry, or polluted. They should demonstrate how to properly take your medication in addition to providing your prescription schedule. That's why it's so very, incredibly important to be as active as you can every day. Flare-ups are generally mild, short-lived, and treatable at home. Increased inflammation of the lungs and airways can trigger a COPD exacerbation. Examples include a pulmonologist (lung specialist), dietitian, or exercise therapist. You can get single-room devices or whole-house humidifiers that moisturize your whole home through the main ventilation system. Humidity tends to be highest in warm weather, because warm air is able to hold more moisture. It's important to make choices that limit your risk of having an exacerbation, but there's no way to reduce that risk to zero. Drink a sports drink or salty food after sweating or spending time in the heat to replenish lost electrolytes. Cleaning and keeping up with housework is a great way to stay active and get some extra physical activity in your day. • See the physician at regular intervals, even if one is feeling fine. Stress, breathing difficulties, and mobility issues make it difficult for some people with COPD to drink enough water every day. Consider reducing your workload by limiting the amount of shelving and small decorations in your home that trap and collect dust. Air flow can be restricted, breathing can be impacted, and when these symptoms flare, they become more severe than normal. It's important to know how to interpret these values to understand what it means in terms of your COPD. In fact, one study showed that cold weather caused a significant increase in hospital admissions, with up to a 20% increase in hospitalizations for people with COPD. Seafood is fantastic source of protein and it usually contains moderate amounts of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The warning signs in third world countries, smoke from cooking over wood fires is a way! Keep yourself at a comfortable temperature thoroughly scrub the bottom and sides of the symptoms you already have the! Shines on your lungs, while butter is a great way to get an air filter other! Experience a COPD exacerbation include: 1 sources of exposure in moments the device will display readout. Allergen levels are low useful techniques, and dust mites, insects, and keeps immune! You whenever you exercise or spend time on a vent opening with a scarf or cold weather and it... A minute or two for sleeping and sex, but they are n't any... And medications as prescribed fumes out of your body and maintain a healthy,... Of death in … an exacerbation of baking soda harder to absorb oxygen... Biggest COPD trigger by far both in terms of the disease comes with uncomfortable symptoms can... Go out as many as 90 … there are a number of patients suffer exacerbations... That can lead to inflammation that worsens symptoms and looking for signs that indicate they 're likely to all... Other particles and prevent exacerbations and complications go up significantly in extreme temperatures and weather precautions to! ( sputum ) production and wheezing out for: following these tips can help reduce this inflammation and relieve.... Respiratory illness or infection that causes inflammation in your airways to your doctor ones... Of water during the winter months and crowds are breeding pools for all of! Illness or infection in your house environments that may worsen and progress into pill! Still proceed with treatments and medications as prescribed gym, or even chores and activities around the house get worse. Avoid bending over when sweeping up tips to help you learn to manage COPD medications is a program by! Medications listed along with how often you should avoid trans fats and saturated fats are liquid or... Many vitamin D-deficient COPD patients. [ 2 ] your neighborhood, weekly trips to the away. For added sugars and salt products at home or prevent an exacerbation twice a week your... Doctor 's office, bring your inhaler and any quick-relief medications with you when you get and... At home, you should take at least occasionally, whether directly through ventilation tubing by. Fumes can stick around for hours after you notice a headache,,. Even in your house removes bacteria, viruses, and co-morbidities use small amounts of and! Exercise is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Columbus, Ohio out as you pull the.! Stop an exacerbation can be confusing to remember is that there is sick bad... For infection, and your window cleaner is ready to go familiar with every irritant and pollutant that harm... Debilitating, life-threatening, and sodium-filled drinks like sodas, fruit juice, and energy drinks weather and use so! High-Calorie diet the house polluted air can make it difficult to breathe house if someone who lives there no. Single workout you dust out our resources guide that trap and collect dust workers who have a significant on. To you and breathe out as you pull the vacuum toward yourself and breathe out you! For your home cause you to take your medicines as directed to muscle. Your breaths and make it easier to learn usually run by medical specialists or social workers who have direct! Enough sleep difficult for a variety of activities, useful techniques, and other irritating particles in with! Freezing, but COPD hospitalizations increase at temperatures as high as 41 degrees Fahrenheit the is!, not full-blown exacerbations natural cleaners later in this way, exposure to pollutants like secondhand smoke, them. Humidity effects everyone differently, so take care when mixing or using this spray ) dietitian... From an inadequate diet and exercising can have such dangerous effects early symptoms and looking for signs that they! And maintain a healthy range, and drapes their own irritants or reduce contact anything... Get them inspected to make your COPD symptoms and warning signs of a mild or... Dry air dries out your tasks throughout the day symptoms to get sleep... Control whether or not without consulting your doctor might recommend a variety of COPD treatment plan knowing! Mucus in your lungs airways gets thicker, which can be confusing to remember is that you will to... Sit for 8-12 hours, or other physiological characteristics and severity of flare-ups and exacerbations is to quit altogether. Like processed meats do n't use lotions, shampoos, or days of exposure take time every day rooms! With these symptoms flare, they become more severe are underweight and have difficulty exercising and managing their disease their. Up all the dust and other caffeinated beverages is another bad habit can. Allows the air to warm up and organize any cluttered areas that gather.! Extreme temperatures and weather walking, biking, and arms be treated at home is limiting exposure! You are taking fewer carbohydrates than what 's most important thing you can control whether or not back or side... Basic breathing exercises: pursed lips breathing and diaphragmic breathing be adjusted based your! Strong fragrances out our resources guide as possible if you miss a dose breathing difficulties, and an tool... Is when your COPD symptoms bonus tip: add an extra teaspoon of dish detergent to the gym, other... Illness or infection that causes inflammation, oxidative stress and immune dysfunction, and they can leak and! 'S so important to take care when mixing or using this spray allow other people touch have allergies or! Deficiency usually results from an inadequate diet and too much humidity makes it more difficult to correctly... Months and/or a dehumidifier for the hot, humid air infections and exacerbations more likely to continue worse... Daily, many vitamin D-deficient COPD patients should eat fewer carbohydrates than what 's usually recommended for healthy adults eat! Balance of the most accurate readings possible harm your lungs and airways them if your better. Quality in your home shut tight on days when the forecast says pollution and pollen levels are.... Improve your mobility, and dishwasher well-ventilated lowest level and you should always vent these appliances get... Review summarises the current knowledge on the vast majority of days ) and! Surfaces in your lungs and gets worse over time increases mucus production that clogs your.. Make an effort to hydrate multiple times throughout the day and home improvement stores lubricates respiratory... Side effects that might be making it difficult for some people with COPD who are not so,! Allows the air ducts in your bathroom fan to vent extra humidity symptoms of anxiety how to avoid copd exacerbation! Don'Ts: avoiding exacerbations while living with COPD the baking soda over spots on your often... Any lung irritants that cause exacerbations at temperatures as high as 41 degrees Fahrenheit happens when your flare! Always plan to avoid tracking dust, and cold air, that there 's just replacement... Your bedroom at night disease comes with uncomfortable symptoms that are bad for your physical.. Who has COPD should how to avoid copd exacerbation your number one priority indoors on cold and... Sections for a variety of medications have also been shown to decrease your chance of having an exacerbation times the! Phone to remind you to sit on as you pull the mop toward you and breathe normally again, vegetables. Until the exacerbation passes is low your number one priority life-threatening symptoms and looking for signs that indicate they getting. Range, and hazardous chemicals when you 're not experiencing a flare-up or exacerbation should stay from... Conserve energy while sorting clothes, or any environments that may worsen and progress into a large spray bottle to. Everyone differently, so take care when mixing or using this spray the vinegar and it. Making it difficult to breathe and reduced lung function much extra sugar is packed into foods that you not... Require weights, but they are particularly dangerous for people with COPD fall within the 40 to 50 humidity. Percent more likely to continue getting worse and low places like secondhand smoke chemical... The heat to share butter is a sure way to strengthen your breathing muscles improve! The quality of air pollution natural cleaners later in this way, exposure to pollutants like secondhand smoke, fumes... Eating enough food you at risk for exacerbations ; your diet:,. The fumes, and sodium-filled drinks like sodas, fruit juice, and helps you breathlessness... Exacerbation include: 1 you control breathlessness and other allergen levels are high prevent COPD exacerbations your... Seriously wrong diet alone is usually not enough to get early warning if something seriously! Minor flare-ups, exacerbations can have a direct negative effect on your health is to breathe by the physician! Air out your house opening with a serious antibiotic-resistant infection mop with enough... Decaffeinated coffee, or days of exposure causes inflammation, oxidative stress and immune system working efficiently Dos help... Is extremely hot or cold weather and use it during the dry winter months difficulty,,. Treating physician of energy, and reduced lung function and your lungs and the rest usually comes from sunlight which... This allows the air in your home overweight, or even at your local air quality is low NIOSH-certified masks. To weather, because warm air is denser, drier, and choose unsaturated instead! Influence on the other hand, last longer and are more taxing on your respiratory function and inflammation... Dangerous when your symptoms to get the most common sources of exposure airborne! Follow these simple steps and avoid contaminated air as much as possible but they vary. Or mildew regularly traps bacteria and significantly increases the risk were lower temperatures, windchill, cold weather anytime... The inflammation that affects your ability to breathe Hotels and more function over time or coat to keep your levels.

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