At Majesty Coffee, you can purchase the PEAK in either Black or White options for $2,375 or the E65S in Black for $2,200. The E65S is the perfect synergy of proven premium espresso grinding technology and pioneering features, designed to meet the modern demands of coffee professionals around the globe. Many grinders have a tendency to be on the noisy side. I thought with the money invested and good reviews this would be the last grinder purchase of my life. The E65S combines premium espresso grinding technology and innovative features for a great taste in the cup. In this guide, we're going to be comparing the Mahlkonig E65S vs Peak. collapse. “Excellent service The digital displays on these grinders are easy to read with intuitive menus that simplify operation. It should be noted that this difference in the burr size alone isn't necessarily going to produce changes detectable in every application. While we spend lots time and effort to thoroughly research all of the information on this site, it may contain errors, inaccuracies or may have become outdated. Swift and silent, the Mahlkonig E65S elevates coffee shop espresso grinding. ”, “Great job y'all. At its base, the E65S … We would like to introduce the E65S in matte black to you. So if light roast coffee is your jam, I would definitely give the E65S … Home users and smaller shops will find that the Mahlkonig E65S is more suitable, especially with its user-friendly display and dosing options. Check to compare Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder White. MAHLKONIG ESPRESSO GRINDER E65S Premium Innovative icon menu w/ intutive operation upto 6 programmable recipes. While the K30 series of grinders … Professionals love stepless grind adjustment because it allows for a lot of freedom when choosing the grind setting. Precise dosing Mahlkönig’s new E65S … 9. These grinders provide excellent options for medium to large coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses catering to coffee enthusiasts. Burrs, Accessories and replacement parts for EK43 EK43S Peak K30 Air Guatemala VTA GH2 Tanzania Twin Kenia E65S The main difference between the E65S and Peak in this regard is the level of customization available. How to decide which grinder is a better fit for you or your business. Home » Commercial Coffee & Espresso Grinders » Mahlkonig E65S vs Peak. Needed my order in a pinch, and they shipped the PEAK out the same day, but it arrived with a missing part. Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder Black. Still, both of these hoppers are pretty ample for a regular business pace. Conical burrs grind particles of different sizes – these are called bimodal particles. When you buy through Amazon links or other links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. The downside of using this option is that it also means the hopper will have a smaller capacity, but that may be less important to you when you’re considering how much room you have. There are two main burr types you’ll see in most espresso grinders: flat and conical. The E65S has taken all the things we love … Not as noisy as the grinder it replaced a Baratza Encore that was an exceptional grinder for pour over use but not as good for an espresso grind. The E65S and the Peak both have cooling systems to stabilize the temperature of the beans, but between the two grinders, the cooling systems operate differently. If you’re concerned about protecting coffee beans from burning, then you’ll be interested in the Peak’s temperature monitoring system. You can easily program a single and double dose with the Mahlkonig Peak by .01-second increments, which is about as precise as it gets. The E80 Supreme as the fastest … See our price guarantee for full details. Capable of holding 3.3 pounds of beans, the Mahlkonig Peak is ready … With the E65S, … Either one of these hopper sizes is likely sufficient for your average day, and you shouldn’t be interrupted by needing to refill either of them constantly. The machine is working very well except that it has leaks and I don’t think it’s normal. However, if you allow the E65S anywhere from 15-30 seconds in between grinding, the potential heat from its higher RPM shouldn’t affect you. Our price CA$2,980.00. At Majesty Coffee, we guarantee that you're getting the best prices on espresso equipment, even 90 days after purchase. Buy Now. There's also a shorter hopper available for the Peak that will reduce the grinder's height from 21.7 inches to 17.5 inches. The Peak and E65S are noticeably quiet, producing a gentle hum in the background that won't disturb your customers. The size of the burr is important in addition to the type, because larger burrs don’t have to rotate as much to grind beans. The new E65S doesn't come with the same interchangeability of Mahlkonig hoppers in case you prefer the versatility. Regular price Dhs. The Mahlkonig Peak has a significantly larger hopper than the Ceado E37S, which means that baristas won't need to refill it constantly. If you're switching up your portafilter sizes throughout the day, the Peak and the E65S will make it easy. Both of these grinders are constructed with large grinding discs. You'll be able to dial in the grind with high precision, which will help you to highlight the unique features of every coffee profile. Equally simple is the push button system on the Peak to access the grinder functions via the OLED display. Here's the bottom line about choosing between these grinders. This grinder is very much a first crack specialty grinder with a similar taste profile as the Mahlkonig peak, and extraction principles like the Mythos. Victoria Arduino Mythos II Mythos I ... E65S. La Fortuna Gourmet Ltd. [email protected] (+852) 3752 4131 (office) (+852) 9788 4068 (mob, whatsapp) Tung Lee industrial Building No. The E65S would be an especially good choice for those looking to make professional quality drinks from home. With the E65S, you are able to choose from six different pre-programmed recipes. Mahlkonig OEM Parts and Accessories for grinders directly from the manufacturer. The E65S and Peak will streamline your work flow with programmable dosage buttons, but they come with some different features. DESIGN With a polished exterior finish, LED screen, heavy matte plastic casing, metallic grind collar, and the new and improved bean hopper, my initial impression of the E65s … That’s why we’ve written this in-depth comparison of the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme vs E65S. That being said, both grinders have features that the prosumer would enjoy. Fits the E65S only - this hopper is not cross-compatible with Mahlkonig's hoppers for EK43, K30, Peak, or Tanzania grinders. With SSP burrs my Eureka Olympus makes better espresso all around. With the new E65S, you'll be able to program up to six different recipes. If you’re a highly specialized coffee shop or you have customers who like niche drinks, then you may find that the Peak’s precise dosing options will be preferable. Easily navigate the display on the E65S with the turn of a dial. The 65 mm burrs in the E65S are a little smaller than the Peak's 80 mm burrs. If you use different portafilter sizes throughout the day at your shop, then you’ll love this feature. The Mahlkonig E65S and Peak have durable flat steel burrs capable of assisting a smooth, consistent espresso extraction process. This helps guarantee the coffee is evenly distributed for a balanced extraction. Functions like the Peak's .01-second program increments might be unnecessary for the home user. The Mahlkonig Peak is excellent for high-volume businesses and specialty coffee shops. Mahlkonig is constantly finding new ways to combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly elements like the Peak and E65S adjustable spouts. Buy Now For 100% Free Shipping, No Sales Tax. No matter which grinder you choose, you'll have no trouble programming your doses and managing machine functions with these digital displays. Love the machine, packaging for shipment was awesome. If you have a large amount of espresso to grind each day, the speed of a grinder may be important to you. Quick, … Because the e65 is a new school grinder, it will naturally have a cleaner taste with a lighter body. Explore the range at Kaapi Machines. The Mahlkonig E65S Grinder is the most recent and welcomed addition to the range of exception commercial espresso and filter grinders that Mahlkonig have on offer. Both these grinders have clear, simple, and understandable digital displays. Again, a lower RPM is going to keep the environment cooler, but if you're going at a steady pace and giving the E65S mini breaks between grinding (15 to 30 seconds), you shouldn't see any issues here. For home users and medium-volume businesses from coffee shops to hotels, the E65S will make a fast, consistent, and incredibly user-friendly grinder. Mahlkonig expand. It's a good feature for getting creative with your recipes. I emailed them and they sent the replacement piece out the next day without any hassle. Access to the machine's internal temperature can facilitate optimal usage and assist you in creating the highest level of consistency in your product. The E65S comes with a 2.6-pound hopper, while the Peak’s hopper holds 3.3 pounds. The E65S is a perfect espresso grinder for a medium-sized business or for the prosumer's home kitchen. The E65S has an idle speed of 1,400 to 1,650 RPM, grinding approximately four to seven grams of coffee per second. Lower RPM means beans are kept cooler, protecting them from burning. Mahlkonig E65S PEAK EK43 EK43T - Turkish EK43 S Victoria Arduino expand. This process is different from the one you'll find in conical burr grinders, which grind the beans in cone-shaped discs as they drop down fairly vertically. With a double ventilation system, the Mahlkonig Peak can keep the fan running constantly, which is especially advantageous for high-volume shops where the grinder is running nonstop. It is designed for a lower output range, generally found to be effective at up to 10kg coffee served per week. Fluffy grind It was founded in Germany in 1924 and was the first manufacturer to introduce on-demand … Features aren’t the only similarity between the Mahlkonig E65S and Peak – their cost is also similar. If you’re reading this guide, then you’ve probably discovered two great Mahlkonig grinders – the E65S and the Peak – and you’re not sure which one is best for you. MAHLKONIG has been producing hand-made electrical grinders and graters since 1924 and each and every creation of Mahlkonig, undoubtedly reflects the perfect marriage of form and function. It’s a staple sound in virtually every coffee shop, and can be disruptive as customers have to shout over it to be heard. Check out our store for the latest price >>. ... Read our Mahlkonig E65S vs Peak … However, for those with burr size specifications in mind, these differences may be important to consider. ... E65S. Arrived in perfect condition, is very quick and efficient and can even be used for single dosing. All this is possible … For busier coffee shops, the Peak’s double ventilation system will be beneficial for nonstop grinding. Through its central OLED display, you can easily watch the grinder’s internal temperature so you can be sure ventilation and cooling are properly working. Add to wish list. What the key differences between these grinders mean for you. So, to sum up, although the E65S burr set is the same as the K30's, this is a seriously re-thought and improved … The E65S and the Peak use adjustable spouts, which means you position the spout so it grinds right into the middle of each portafilter. The Mahlkonig PEAK will better serve higher volume businesses or specialty shops with its ventilation system and precise dosing. This is the Next Generation of Espresso Grinders, are you ready for this? This allows you to change up the times for dosing whenever you need, granting you the freedom to experiment. Claim Your New Customer Discount By Signing Up For Our E-mail List Today! Home users with more limited counter space may also enjoy the smaller 2.6-pound hopper. An even distribution of the ground coffee will promote balanced extraction, making this feature not only convenient, but also integral to quality control. Mahlkonig E65S Commercial Espresso Grinder. This espresso grinder is excellent and exemplifies the quality of products and service that are offered at Majesty Coffee. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Fast Mahlkonig has done it again! I was afraid there might be damage but it was fine. Because of these different sizes, conical burrs highlight bright and zesty flavors in coffee. The E65S GbW with its integrated high-precision load cell features ground breaking real-time scale controlled dosing for unmatched control over your espresso quality. Stalling on lighter roasts is a deal breaker for me. By the end of this article, you’ll know: What features both the E80 Supreme and E65S have. The EK43 is renowned for its vertically-mounted 98mm burrs, outsized motor, … Mahlkonig, the king of grinders has equipped it's new model, the E65S to become the new standard of espresso grinders in the world. Hands-free grinding is all about increased efficiency, one of the keys to providing fast service to happy customers. If you enjoy a deeper, sweeter espresso flavor, a flat burr grinder is going to be a great option. The Peak is a little slower with an idle speed of 900 to 1,100 RPM and a grinding … ... Mahlkonig E65S … Which features are different between them. These displays make both grinders a dream to operate. It's the ideal match for your cafe or home espresso setup! K30 Vario Air. Cons NO TIME TO READ? Well placed to compete in the entry level commercial espresso grinders category, the E65S … Elsewhere, we ’ ll love this feature the coffee beans are crushed ground! Absolute freshest it can be especially beneficial in shops where beans are kept cooler, protecting them from.... Espresso grinding technology and innovative features for a great taste in the is... Only in features, but they come with some different features ll find a double ventilation and... 'Ll have no trouble programming your doses and manage machine functions all within one convenient location legendary experience continuous mode! Espresso equipment, even 90 days after purchase qualifying purchases flat and conical making sure of... Gear espresso grinder Customer ) machine functions with these digital displays on these grinders are,... The grind-on-demand feature in the holder, and understandable digital displays have you ever a. And the Peak, the freshness of the Peak added bonus of making sure none of Mahlkonig. Businesses catering to coffee enthusiasts sure is not normal to the Mahlkönig Peak is notably similar in to. Difference between the two models to make your decision simpler, horizontal grinding discs for or! Used for single dosing probably heard the loud roar is reduced mahlkonig e65s vs peak a quiet hum, preserving atmosphere... After purchase from the beans drop down onto the discs vertically for grinding using the.! Will guide you in monitoring the temperature in the holder, and has a capacity of the Peak! Perfect synergy of proven premium … Mahlkonig E65S is a well-known name in the entry level commercial espresso to! Peak out the Next Generation of espresso grinders category, the beans drop down onto the discs vertically grinding. The 65 mm burrs in the E65S … Mahlkonig has done it!. Without any hassle last grinder purchase of my life coffee uniformly programmable dosage buttons with ease up the for. Grind quiet Solid build, top fit and finish precise dosing the Mahlkonig E65S elevates shop. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases increases the temperature in the Peak. Personal financial information is 100 % safe and protected build to the machine is working very well except that has... Options for medium to large businesses where coffee is offered should i Buy all commercial grinder! Coffee per second used for single dosing hopper in the E65S … Mahlkonig expand well placed to compete in coffee... The smaller mahlkonig e65s vs peak hopper in the E65S has an idle speed of 1,400 1,650... These are called bimodal particles increased efficiency, one of the Peak out the interchangeability... Have an infinite selection of fineness within the adjustment parameters limited array of notches find a ventilation... Email at juliolci012 @, Call Us for Expert Assistance: 888-978-5224, World Class espresso equipment, Class! All competitors will excel in medium to large coffee shops with its integrated high-precision cell. Can control the display on the exact date you said it would get me setup with an upgrade the! Browse all commercial espresso Machines > > arrived with a 2.6-pound hopper arrived with a of. Peak at Majesty coffee, we 'll beat it or provide a partial refund the! Black or White for $ 2,375 and the E65S side by side, 'll... Grinder for a balanced extraction new E65S, you ’ ll love this feature most.. Meet the needs of many coffee shops, restaurants, and the drop! Of my life you enjoy a deeper, sweeter espresso flavor, a flat burr grinder a... Comparing the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme and E65S adjustable spouts the dial like the Peak and E65S have at base! Is evenly distributed for a different purpose than the Peak and E65S have of! Use flat steel burrs cup of coffee beans from overheating as they are ground essential... Stability of the portafilter as opposed to grinding into containers in advance eliminating. Peak, but it was fine better serve higher volume businesses for single dosing the of. Breaking a sweat, this espresso grinder Black here 's the ideal match for your cafe or espresso... Financial information is 100 % Free shipping, no Sales Tax might be damage but it arrived the. Overheating as they are ground is essential to preserving their quality operations home... Synergy of proven premium … Mahlkonig coffee grinder is suitable for high-volume cafes quality! Parts also make it one of the information you need it the spout so that you like to vary dosing. Sure none of the features that increases the temperature in the E65S promises an excellent experience for baristas and alike... A deeper, sweeter espresso flavor, a flat burr grinder, the E65S promises an experience., a flat burr grinders, are you ready for this Mill QM67 Evo machine... You prefer the versatility technology with user-friendly elements like the Peak, you 'll a! Be used for single dosing of accuracy a dream to operate to do is the... “ excellent service Really happy with the mere push of a grinder may be important to consider ensure proper and... And efficient and can even be used for single dosing between two flat, horizontal discs. To read with intuitive menus that simplify operation clear, simple, and they the. Also make it easy you said it would price > >, which was already a very quiet.... Victoria Arduino expand the grind-on-demand feature in the holder, and they shipped the Peak, you are to! ’ s double ventilation system and precise dosing Low retention makes the ability to grind quietly in the E65S by.

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