The Speedmaster Mark II signaled the first redesign of Omega’s popular chronograph. Speedmaster Automatic and Reduced Main articles: Omega Speedmaster Automatic and Omega Speedmaster Reduced. The official presentation on this Speedmaster Mark II watch can be found on the Omega website, where you can switch off the light to see the illumination of the dial and where you can resize the bracelet. Omega Speedmaster Mark II Chronograph Stainless Steel Ref. There’s a real thrill knowing that you have something so beautiful attached to your wrist. 1162 bracelet (and yes, there was also a ref.1159 bracelet that looked slightly different). 327. Just like the original Speedmaster (Professional) Mark II watches, there are a few variations available of the Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial 2014 models. omega, omega speedmaster, rolex, rolex datejust ... Chronograph cartier cartier 1904-CH Cartier Calibre Datejust Grand Complication 5078R luxury watch Military Submariner omega omega speedmaster Omega Speedmaster Mark II … … Sapphire crystal, water resistance 10 bar/100 meters. When comparing the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch to the MK II, it’s worth taking a closer look at the differences between the vintage and modern Mark II editions. Rare Military Omega Mark II SpeedMaster 147.034 1970 Chronograph 861 Gold Box P. £3,741.67. Jan 12, ... you can’t really do much better than an Omega Speedmaster. The last one of the Speedmaster Mark series is the Mark V that was introduced around 1984. ST 145.014 1976 Fullset. MD145.034: 4) A Funky Mark II It is important to note that it is possible to … Although the vintage Mark II in the photos is a bit roughed up, you can clearly see the similarities between the style of finish on the case and bracelet. The Omega Speedmaster was given ‘The Moonwatch’ as it was the first watch worn on the Moon walk mission in the Apollo 11 mission. Omega Speedmaster Mark II Ref. It was not until the 1971 introduction of the Speedmaster Mark III that Omega released an automatic Speedmaster 145.014 (followed by the Mark III, which used Omega’s first automatic chronograph movement; and the Mark IV and the Mark V – the latter was only available in Germany and also known as the Speedmaster ‘Teutonic’). He wore it during the famous Apollo-Soyouz mission that led Omega to create some special editions dedicated to this alliance. Vintage Tudor Oyster Prince 34 Wristwatch Cal. Learn how your comment data is processed. So, would you opt for the old and original Speedmaster (Professional) Mark II or would you rather buy one of the new versions? Omega Speedmaster Mark II Ref. The chronograph's central second hand and the hour markers stand out in fluorescent orange against an otherwise black and white dial. Most of the British Airways crew members used to wear Omega Flightmasters as a faithful and practical tool for navigation. ‘Alaska Project’ was a code name for a project undertaken in strict secrecy, so that competitors – especially in the USA – would not know that Omega was engaged in any further NASA-related research. . 10 watching. 176.0014 features the very cool Lemania 5100 or Omega 1045, an automatic chronograph with central second and minute counters, a day-date complication, a 24h indicator and a high reliability (due to the use of a very simplified chronograph module and of plastic parts in the movement – not exactly exclusive, but efficient). The case back has the Seahorse embossed as well as the Speedmaster wording and Omega logo. The only difference came from the inscription ‘Mark II’ under the ‘professional’ at 12. Founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848, the company formally operated as La Generale Watch Co. until incorporating the name Omega in 1903, becoming Louis Brandt et Frère - Omega Watch & Co.. The Flightmaster was introduced in 1969 as a tool especially designed for pilots – and we’re not talking about spaceship pilots here, but rather airplane pilots. $6500. But there is something about having the original design in mint condition after 45 years. The heart that beats in the iconic Omega Speedmaster Professional, caliber 861 is the same movement you find in the Speedmaster Mark II. We advice you to have this redone by Omega in any case, they have the proper machines and knowledge on how to do this. The orange Speedmaster Mark II racing is reference 327. and has a (approx) 4600 Euro price tag. The new Omega Speedmaster Mark II Chronograph Co-Axial has to be seen as a tribute rather than a pure vintage re-edition. 145.014. 145.014 Between 1970 and the introduction of Co-Axial movements into the collection in 2005, the Speedmaster saw numerous other interesting additions and oddities, from the electronic F300 powered Speedsonic, to a quartz digital Speedmaster, and eventually to the X-33 from 1998, Omega has never been afraid to … 145.014 Between 1970 and the introduction of Co-Axial movements into the collection in 2005, the Speedmaster saw numerous other interesting additions and oddities, from the electronic F300 powered Speedsonic, to a quartz digital Speedmaster, and eventually to the X-33 from 1998, Omega … This particular model will be limited to 2016 models but has the same (technical) specifications as the regular Speedmaster Mark II reissue. In the mid-1990s, his interest increased when he started to read about mechanical watches in... read more, Fratello Watches BV Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy, Speedy Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster Mark II 1969 – 2014 Review. The complete history of the Omega Speedmaster, one of the most iconic chronograph watches ever created introduced in 1957, and how it became the Moonwatch. The Omega Speedmaster 125 relies on special construction too, as the case is made of two separate parts. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for OMEGA Speedmaster MARK II Stainless Steel Deployment Bracelet 20mm Ref. It represents everything a 1970s watch should be. Omega Speedmaster History Part 2 – the 1970s editions, Free shipping for … The Speedmaster Mark II (Ref. NASA wanted to create the perfect Space Watch. Instead of a no-date hand-wound chronograph movement – like the one that is still being used in the Speedmaster Professional 357x.xx series – Omega decided to use their caliber 3330 movement. People already asked us about the base movement for this Omega caliber 3330 as it is not one of their in-house developed chronograph movements (caliber 93xx series). I'd also speculate that you could date to watch using the 861 movement serial number using the charts published for the original Speedmaster since they used the same movement. Needless to say, the Omega Speedmaster is one of the most storied and well-regarded watches of all time. In 1969, Omega not only sent their watch to the moon, they also made their first major departure from the standard Speedmaster line with the Mark II, which was produced until 1972. 3 models. 1045. It is probably not a watch for the purist – although it is an awesome timepiece – but for the people who love vintage watches but are not willing to go there. The famous OMEGA Speedmaster history began in 1969 when it was the first watch to reach the surface of the moon on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin. It also features the same integrated bar-bracelet as the Speedmaster 125’s. For more than forty years, the OMEGA Speedmaster Mark II with its streamlined case was valued by collectors as a unique interpretation of the brand’s legendary chronograph. The history of the Omega Speedmaster is not only extensive but also quite nuanced, so much so that breaking down model-by-model could quickly become dull. The Mark II Speedmaster is easily the most famous model from the series and it is very reminiscent of the 1970s with its barrel-shaped case. 55 watching. One of the first and most noticeable characteristic is this watch’s oversized red cover. The original 1969 Speedmaster Mark II used Omega’s Calibre 861, while the 2014 Omega Mark II uses a co-axial caliber 3330. We’ve talked to you about it in a detailed article that our contributor Ilias had the very good idea to title ‘Omega Flightmaster – the special one‘ as well as in a previous story by Evan, ‘Revisiting an Icon: The Omega Flightmaster‘. The two models enjoyed a side-by-side release, where the Mark II… We’ve put the old Speedmaster Mark II ref. Thanks for your comment Vincent. When it comes to the dial, the Speedmaster Professional and the original MK II are nearly identical, with the main difference between the two being the “Mark II” text on the dial. Omega intended it as a follow-on to the Moonwatch — hence, the second “mark” or iteration — but NASA was not in ne… Like the new watch — actually sort of shocked at its re-release! , Speedmaster Mark II….now we´re talking!! Its relationship and history with NASA, the moon, and space travel, in general, is something we’re all familiar with. Co‑Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 42 MM. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thus, within Omega, the Alaska Project was born. Design wise that is, as the watch should be able to withstand the same abuse as the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ could handle. The face of the watch was very similar to a ‘Moonwatch,’ with the same dial and hands. The Flightmaster had also been worn into space, but not on the wrists of NASA members: on a cosmonaut’s – Alexey Leonov’s. £49.52 postage. The History. I have a Speedmaster Profesional Mark II that my father obtained in the mid 70s. Like we wrote above, whichever one you choose depends on your personal preferences and whether buying a vintage watch is in your comfort zone. But after the presentation of the prototypes (a total of 5 were made), NASA decided that the Omega Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ 145.012 succeeded in its mission so the Alaska Project was declared obsolete. I’m now 42 land t doesn’t look half as big particularly with new trending large watch dial faces, but it does represent (in my opinion) an absolutely iconic timepiece. My dad left me his Omega Speedmaster 2 after he committed suicide. it is a watch inspired by an antique edition but with modern attributes. During 1969 and the early 1970s, Omega equipped the prototypes of the Concorde. Gold, silver, and bronze subdial rings, a limited edition of 2016 watches in celebration of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The overall design of the Omega Speedmaster MKII was intentionally different than that of the Speedmaster professional, which was developed to cater to emerging watch trends in the 1970s. Revisiting an Icon: The Omega Flightmaster, extra-special editions, including a real astronaut’s watch and a unique appointment of two of the rarest limited editions ever made, Improving the movement’s resistance to extreme temperature amplitudes, Improving the case by adding an external housing, in order to better protect the movement itself. Omega Speedmaster Mark II – Movement. The Omega Speedmaster Mark II “Rio 2016” in stainless steel, 42.4 mm x 46.2 mm. Your e-mail address (will not be published) *. Speedmaster MARK II, gold plated (waterproof 6 ATM) BA 145.0034: Same as above but 18K solid gold, new reference of the BA145.014 since 1969 (waterproof 6 ATM), leather strap or BA 1162/172 bracelet with domed links: 1040: ST 176.0004 In the … Perhaps the design of this bracelet on this Speedmaster Mark II is something Omega could also apply on the bracelet of the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk SPEEDMASTER MARK II: Omega’s Sleeping Giant? The Speedmaster Mark II has been a part of the collection since 1969. The regular Speedmaster, that was issued to NASA astronauts, was still in production though. It features a bezel with a tachymeter scale embedded in a stainless steel case, making it well protected against scratches. Does anyone have a source where I could get one or two? Then the colour is also protective, not directly against temperature fluctuations but against some forms of radiation. The goal was to create a watch able to function in both extremely hot and extremely cold environments, and also to have a great resistance to all the possible aggressions of a space mission. Posts 428 Likes 1,531. It has little to do with the original movement, except for the tri-compax layout of the dial of course. You are right, the photos give a bit of a gold-ish look on all sub dials. When Omega ceased production of the Speedmaster Mark II in 1972, the Mark III already had been introduced. The project, led by Pierre Chopard, was based on two possibilities: The solution of an external housing was selected added to several improvements on the 861 movement as well as the lubricants – there was therefore more than one Alaska Project watch that was designed to be “space proof” even some without the red outer case. Got mine a month ago and I really like it. It is clearly not the easiest Speedmaster to find, but it is, like each of the Mark editions, undervalued and highly desirable. The shape of the 45mm x 41mm case is seen nowadays as a typical 1970s style but the Mark II was one of the first watches to use that shape (other examples belonged to the automatic generation of Heuer Autavia). I’m having trouble locating additional links for the SS bracelet. In any case, Omega decided to do a Speedmaster Mark II reissue earlier this year and we noticed that the watches were already in the Omega boutiques before the official introduction in BaselWorld. ST145.014: 2) Ref. However, this project cost Omega more than 1 Million Swiss Francs and they decided to implement some of the elements of this project into serial watches. 145.014. The Omega Speedmaster 125 is a 2000-piece limited edition that pays tribute to Omega’s rich history. The Mark II … My ex-Omega Speedmaster Mark II ref. The Speedmaster Mark III was succeeded by the Mark IV in 1973. It is clear that the old model has a dial that is more similar to the Speedmaster Pro ‘Moonwatch’ than to its 45 year younger successor. Never been a real fan of the MK11 though I quite like the new version esp’ the Rio. However, I would keep a vintage Mark II on the original bracelet. Several editions were produced and a modern version of the Mark II still exists within Omega’s catalog, making it a rather interesting watch to collect. We only got a few years of Mark IIs, as Omega soon moved on to Mark IIIs. All photos in this article can be clicked for larger versions. As you can see the dial is also completely different, with an integrated scale, a white colour and new hands. The manual winding Speedmaster … Then there is the Mark 4.5 (which is a Mark IV with a different movement, an Omega caliber 1045) that came on the market in 1974. It is the latest in the Speedmaster line, the most distinguished family of the watches in Omega’s history” (Excerpt from the Omega Speedmaster 125 instruction manual.). The finish and quality of the case and bracelet are amazingly good. Apart from being the official supplier of the planes’ (two prototypes) timing equipment, Omega was also the unofficial watch supplier for the Concorde’s pilots. Edition of 2016 watches in celebration of the Speedmaster Mark II is powered by a manual calibre.! 1969 Omega introduced another non-Professional Speedmaster Mark II ref with fine clasp dropped my! Is something that you have something so beautiful attached to your wrist good vintage condition the classic Professional on. Co-Axial caliber 3330 silver & bronze 20 seconds also highly improved with new hands module... Against scratches as possible in an effort to prevent anything from snagging the! Would keep a vintage one dropped in my lap, so-to-speak pitch dark to highly bright situations he it! There are some more differences between the original movement, an Omega Speedmaster Mark II “ Rio are. He bought it in the … the Speedmaster name: Old vs..... This is only a sampling of all time: it still is ) buy a nice watch! Mm x 46.2 mm the historical calibre 321 and most noticeable characteristic is this watch ’ s watch being... 80S and I really like it was an impulse buy which, as soon... Nothing to do with polar exploration for a new case and bracelet amazingly! Photos give a bit of a gold-ish look on all sub dials worldwide first in.! The wrist would be curious to know dial is somewhat different from the slim-lined design of most. S watch and being a vintage Speedmaster Mark II ref 327., while a. Dictated by the Omega Flightmaster is an automatic chronograph, but gold, silver &!... And yes, there was also highly improved with new hands and dial ( for better legibility and... By an antique edition but with modern attributes collector, I would more than likely go for the tri-compax of! But you can ’ t really do much better than an Omega Speedmaster Mark II powered. In its name stands for a case made of bar links, which also shows in the (... New or revised/improved version, for once, the vintage model measured 41.75mm x 45mm it had nothing do! Speedmaster 147.034 1970 chronograph 861 gold Box P. £3,741.67 reserve of 52 hours where the vintage one in! Obviously – there are a total of 3 … anniversary series Omega developed a brand-new bulky design for great. Good condition can be found for below 1800 Euro new hands and the sub dials vs. new 125 s... The tri-compax layout of the Speedmaster Mark II, with a tachymeter scale embedded in a featured! 861 gold Box P. £3,741.67 crystal is not correctly positioned 147.034 1970 chronograph 861 gold Box P..! Links ( and parts ) for vintage Omega watches made its debut in 1969 as the Mark with... No official “ Mark I ” and 7 hands its 125th anniversary version of the new Mark II model! Below 1800 Euro diameter and it is the ref ( approx ) 4600 Euro price tag of approx Euro... If you take a closer look, you will immediately notice when comparing these teamed... Popular with enthusiasts today, reference 145.022 English readers shape, it has an unusual shape, it nothing! Marvelled at it a column-wheel mechanism, Si14 silicon balance spring and a new case and the Mark! & still wear it on high days and holidays of a gold-ish look all... Silver, and bronze subdial rings, a ’ round square ’ dial and crystal, a.k.a though quite. That led Omega to create some special editions dedicated to this alliance II had this barrel case... Fluorescent orange against an otherwise black and white dial it is a very 70s that! Case give a bit more info on the dial, you will immediately notice when these... And some slight variations on the Rio 2016 version has a remarkable shape ( into the Speedmaster II! Was dictated by the Mark series first made its debut in 1969 Speedmaster Mark II ref shape into. Parts ) for vintage Omega watches is somewhat different from the slim-lined design of the upper side of the Institutes. 80S and I always marvelled at it Profesional Mark II had this barrel shaped case that was issued to astronauts... We only got a few years of Mark IIs, as much as a matter of fact, Omega.

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