She dodges around Marius using her enhanced speed and, before he can attack her again, punches through his back and tears out his spinal column with her bare hand, killing him and avenging Michael's death. Selene is devastated to learn that Viktor killed her family and has been deceiving her for centuries. At the same time, she hears gunshots and sees that Michael has caught the attention of human police officers, who are now shooting at him. Able to survive in sunlight, Selene enlists the help of Detective Sebastian, a human who has been trying to investigate Antigen. Despite sharing a sire, Selene appears to have had little to no knowledge of Semira; neither from the first-hand experience nor from anecdotes told by others. Unnamed mother (deceased) Unnamed father (deceased) Unnamed sister (deceased) Unnamed twin nieces (deceased) ) Eva (daughter) portrayed by India Eisley in Underworld 4: No Title [[|250px]] Beckinsale portrays Selene: No Title. Little is revealed about Selene's Father's back history, but there are some discernible facts: He was estimated to have been born sometime in the second half of the 14th Century. Selene later learns that Viktor was actually responsible for killing her family and in turn kills him to protect Michael, thus exacting some form of justice for the murder of her mother and other family members. Selene narrates the beginning of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. At the end of the film, she can be seen in a flashback of the opening scene of the first film, during which Kraven is heard telling her the truth about Viktor, her family, and Sonja, followed by Selene's response of "Lies". The fact that she just barely tolerates him and occasionally obeys his commands is probably merely due to the fact he was hand-picked as regent by Viktor. Reader; Summary . Selene surprisingly tolerates Erika’s presence and listens to her conversations and advice – even if she doesn’t take it on board or reciprocate. David takes them to his Coven. Selene briefly mentions her mother when she explains her reason for hating Lycans to Michael Corvin, telling him about how her mother's dying screams woke her. Underworld Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Twelve years later, Selene awakens to find herself locked in cryogenic suspension. When Kraven reveals to Selene that Viktor was the one who killed her family and that he only spared her due to her resemblance to his daughter Sonja, whom he also killed, Selene’s automatic response is to dismiss these claims as “lies”. Selene does occasionally show her emotions and inner feelings, more so after she meets Michael. Selene follows fellow Death Dealers Nathaniel and Rigel into a subway station as they hunt two Lycans, Raze, and Trix. Eye color The usually stoic Selene is greatly distressed when Viktor rejects her claims and accuses her of breaking the Covenant by fraternizing with a Lycan. Upon seeing Viktor strangling Michael to death, Selene grabs Viktor's sword and uses it to cut his head in half, saving Michael and avenging her family at the same time. The Mother - full moon - Selene, represents the moon in the heavens; The Crone - waning moon - Hecate, represents the underworld; In Greek mythology, there are many goddesses associated with the moon. In retaliation, Selene became a Death Dealer and began to hunt and kill Lycans, intending to drive them into extinction. According to the Underworld: Evolution novelization, Selene was 19 years old when Viktor turned her. After closing the door, Kraven tells one of his men to keep a close eye on Selene, as she is his "future queen". Selene, depicted by British entertainer Kate Beckinsale, is an anecdotal character and the principle hero of the Underworld film arrangement. The Lycans attack the pair and are able to kidnap Michael. Pressured into a betrothal so that her mother can once again be apart of the Coven that she left when Julia was a child, ... Erika/Selene (Underworld) (7) Aziraphale/Crowley (Good Omens) (7) Aziraphale & Crowley (Good Omens) (7) Campbell Bain/Lucian (Underworld) (7) 141. Director: Len Wiseman | Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Michael Sheen. Tanis initially tries to kill Selene and Michael upon seeing them but fails. She is also sympathetic when he tells her about his fiancée's death. Dr. Jacob Lane, director of Antigen, is revealed to be a Lycan alongside his son Quint; the antidote is actually to make Lycans immune to the deadly effects of silver. Selene is distressed when Michael is in danger and is clearly devastated when she believes him to be dead in Evolution. Selene is tremendously strong, and is highly alert of her surroundings due to her vampiric senses. She uses the last of her strength to lift the ice and slips into the freezing water. Enraged at the sight of Selene with Michael, Kraven shoots Michael with silver nitrate bullets. Addison? Unknown Her companion and lover was Michael Corvin, the first Hybrid, and they have a daughter together, Eve. After Eve is confirmed to be her daughter, Selene appears to be in shock over the revelation. However, these accusations and Viktor’s earlier betrayal of Selene had planted a seed of doubt in Selene’s mind, as when Viktor arrives at the scene, a distraught Selene confronts him about his actions. She later feels gratitude towards him for saving her life after she passed out from heavy blood loss while driving and crashed into the river. She arrives in time to see the two remaining Lycan brothers, Vregis and Krandrill, attacking the ceremony, killing Lord Clovis. However, he could not bring himself to kill Selene, because she reminded him of his deceased daughter, Sonja, who he had killed after she became impregnated by a Lycan. Please come and hurry!' Underworld Selene Underworld Movies Underworld Kate Beckinsale Rhona Mitra Divas Female Vampire Vampire Pics Vampires And Werewolves Goth Beauty. Rigel is killed instantly, but Selene is able to avoid the gunfire long enough to shoot Trix after he leans out to shoot an innocent woman. Selene is also hunted by the Lycan leader Marius, who seeks the location of Eve, not realizing that even Selene doesn't know where she is. This article lists characters from the Underworld series of action figures, comics, films, novels, and video games. For the best answers, search on this site First Appearance: "Underworld" (September 2003) Powers/Abilities : Bitten by one of the Elders, Selene is stronger, quicker, more agile, and tougher then most other vampires. Erika is possibly the closest acquaintance Selene has in the Coven and the only one she doesn’t completely ignore or treat with disdain. She was, presumably, born in Hungary, in the 14th century. Underworld Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Antigen, the biotech corporation that took custody of Selene and Michael, "raised" Eve as 'Subject 2' in captivity for the first 11-12 years of her life. Underworld Awakening Clip: Selene and Eve Talk it Out Kate Beckinsale returns as Selene in Underworld Awakening and we've got a new clip of her in action. A group of Death Dealers serving the Eastern Coven, lead by Alexia, arrive at the safehouse looking for Selene. After her role as Selene in the Underworld film series (2003–2016), Beckinsale is known for her work in action films, including Van Helsing (2004), Whiteout (2009), Contraband (2012), and Total Recall (2012). Selene goes to comfort David. Selene, Eve, and David run to the roof, only to find Michael has gone. Part of Selene's close bond with Michael is likely due to the similarities they share; both tend to be rather detached from others, both suffered the loss of loved ones and they both must rely on each other in their struggle to survive. Boy, 15, is charged with murder after home surveillance video caught him beating his mother, ... Kate Beckinsale channels her Underworld role Selene in skintight leather. Hair color —Andreas Tanis, explaining to Selene why her family was killed. Selene brushes off Krandrill's remark and finishes him off before regrouping with Michael, commenting in her voiceover that she no longer feels the same as she had before, but as long as she and Michael are together, she can deal with living forever. At some point, she married Selene's Father and had two daughters with him, with Selene being born in 1383. Mostly canon compliant with Underworld; Mother! After David is killed trying to defend her and Eve, Selene uses her blood to revive him, also turning him into a Hybrid, and fights alongside him at Antigen. Viktor claims at one point to love Selene "like a daughter," calling her "my child." Saved by Colt Billiot. Selene manages to cut Marius with a knife and, retreating to the sparring cage, drinks a sip of his blood - this time, to her horror and grief, she sees that Marius captured Michael after his escape from Antigen, killed him and has been using his blood to gain his enhanced abilities. It is revealed that after her resurrection at the Nordic Coven, Selene was reunited with Eve, who had been following her mother through their telepathic link, as she had anticipated. In one of the books, she sees a drawing of Lucian, which depicts him wearing the same necklace she saw on the Lycan who attacked her the previous night. Once she has recovered, Selene leads the Nordic Coven's warriors to the Eastern Coven, to aid them in their battle against Marius and his Lycan army. However, her plan is foiled when she realizes Marcus has somehow become a Hybrid. — Selene, Underworld: Endless War Part I. Selene is the protagonist of the 15-minute anime, Underworld: Endless War, which chronicles events during three different periods of time. Michael was a hybrid and Selene is a vampire. She thinks to herself that her life will have no meaning once the species is completely wiped out, as she has dedicated herself to the extermination of Lycans since she first became a Vampire. *Addison's P.O.V. Underworld: Awakening begins six months after the events of Underworld: Evolution. Selene initially refuses, distrusting the Council, but David convinces her to come, saying his father can be trusted and that defeating Marius is the only way to truly keep Eve safe. Selene is most often shown to be stoic, serious, cold and detached, as she seldom smiles and is not known for possessing a sense of humour. All of the Lycan workers in the facility morph and attack Selene. Actor They meet Lena (Clementine Nicholson) and her father Vidar (Peter Andersson). From shop CosUSCos. Selene is a fictional character from Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. Following the vision, she discovers a young girl and insists they can't leave her. She wakes up to find David mortally wounded and his father gave Eve over to the Lycans in exchange for a ceasefire. This is proven again when she discovers that Marius supposedly killed Michael to obtain his Hybrid blood, killing Marius by ripping his spine out of his back. Her romantic feelings towards him seem to evolve very quickly, and she rapidly becomes very devoted to him. Lena informs her that water shows the way and also warns her that she must go "further than she has ever gone before" to defeat her enemies and find the peace she seeks. Saved by Bethan O'Reilly. Selene begins to experience visions after her escape which she follows, believing them to be a newly formed link to Michael. As Selene watches helplessly, Varga kills the recruits to prevent any witnesses and frames her for their deaths. Her brother, Helios, is the god of the sun, and her sister, Eos, is the goddess of the dawn. She soon discovers that the corporation Antigen is working on an antidote for the virus that creates Vampires and Lycans and that they have held her captive in an induced coma for the past twelve years. Status She is the main protagonist in the films and is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale as an adult and by Lily Sheen as a child. Curiously, Selene's age is stated in the novelization of the second movie as being roughly 600 years old, however, flashbacks in the first film imply she was originally supposed to be much younger. Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Selene is the daughter of Titans Hyperion and Theia. Selene is a former Vampire Death Dealer, sired by the Vampire Elder Viktor after he had slaughtered her family unknown to her. Despite her apparent detachment, Selene is highly distraught when she comes to believe Michael is dead by Marcus's hand and becomes even more deadly and vengeful as a result. Marius is still more than a match for her though, and things become even direr after Selene tastes a drop of Marius's blood and sees through his memories that he had met her long-lost lover, Michael. Even before acknowledging her deeper feelings for Michael, she did everything she could to avoid killing him even after learning that he had been bitten by Lucian, recognizing that he could not be blamed for what he had become. The complete five film Underworld ... hinted in 2017 that another sequel was in development and that they planned to continue the story of Beckinsale’s Selene. After Michael fights Krandrill and knocks him through one of the hotel's windows, Selene jumps on top of the falling Lycan and empties her gun into him. Selene apparently remains at the Nordic Coven after this and at the end of the film, is shown finally being reunited with Eve. Unfortunately, I don't own anything of the Underworld franchise (if I did, Selene, Michael and Eve would already be reunited), mine are the plot and all mistakes. Selene finds one of the Lycans, Singe, still alive. She admires Viktor's leadership skills and strength, and is also grateful to him for saving her from the Lycans she believed killed her family, and for making her a Vampire, thus granting her the opportunity to avenge her family. As revealed in the first & second films, Selene was born to a Hungarian family; her father, mother, her older sister (Cecilia), and her baby twin nieces. Viktor draws his sword and prepares to attack Michael, to which Selene cries out "No!". Following the murder of her family and prior to meeting Michael Corvin, Viktor is the person Selene is closest to. During her escape, she stumbles upon Michael, cryogenically frozen in a laboratory marked as "Subject 0", and damages his cell to release him. Selene returns to Eve and Sebastian tells them he will redirect the authorities to give them time to escape. Enraged, Marius repeatedly shoots Selene, who believes her time is up and accepts her fate calmly. Angered, Kraven tells Selene about how her family really died and how the war started. Despite Underworld: Blood Wars' failure, Len Wiseman still announced plans for a seventh film, and even claimed Kate Beckinsale would once again appear in the film as Selene… What happens when they fid each other? A hypothetical Underworld 6 could explore whether Michael is really dead or not, as he's managed to defeat death before. The movie will also focus for the first time through the Lycans' point of view. Antigen, the biotech corporation that took custody of Selene and Michael, "raised" Eve as 'Subject 2' in captivity for the first 11-12 years of her life. My Oc character will be Selene's boyfriend. As promised, guys, I give you my very first Underworld story. However, despite Selene's stony exterior, she is not entirely apathetic, as she tends to become distressed and vengeful when those she cares about are threatened, injured or killed. Eventually, she becomes the first Vampire- Corvinus Strain Hybrid. The girl recognizes Selene, explaining that she was the one that freed Selene and that she is, in fact, Selene's daughter by Michael, born during Selene's time in cryogenic suspension. Actor Underworld Awakening (2012) 5. Selene, now wearing a Nordic coat and with white highlights in her hair, uses her newly-enhanced speed to rush through the battle and kill several Lycans to the shock of everyone who had thought her to be dead. Selene is furious and revives David using her Immortal blood, then leaves the Coven to rescue her daughter. She uses the opportunity to shut down power to the mansion and to free Selene from her room. Unknown Her attitude stems from her centuries as a hardened warrior and she has at least once called herself "a loyal soldier of the Vampire clan". David allows Selene to drink his blood to recover once she wakes. Selene also appreciates his standing up for her and his efforts to protect her daughter. On the verge of being overwhelmed, she is saved by Michael, who has regenerated due to his Hybrid powers. In her first sighting of him during a subway shoot-out with the Lycans, Selene is immediately attracted to Michael and is impressed at his bravery in diving out to help a woman who has been injured in the crossfire. Selene The Moon Goddess. Hair color Michael; daughter! There seem to be some social expectations of Selene within the Coven due to her status as Viktor's favourite; for instance, she is expected to attend the party welcoming Amelia. I see your aim hasn’t improved.” Andreas-“You haven’t changed. Anyway, enough chatting. Selene and Michael plan to escape the city via boat before they themselves become victims of the Purge, but Selene is apprehended before they can reach safety and Michael is shot, falling into the water. Lucian (Underworld) Reader; Mother! Selene and Michael are captured and put into cryogenic sleep to be studied by a company named Antigen. She was raised by a vampire elder named Viktor who trained her in the art of being a Death Dealer. See more ideas about underworld, underworld movies, underworld kate beckinsale. Seeing the cracked ice around her, Selene remembers Lena's words that water is the way to the 'Sacred World'. As with Michael, Selene seems to become less reserved and more vulnerable and compassionate when it comes to her daughter. My Oc character will be Selene's boyfriend. Selene begins training the new Death Dealer recruits; however, while sparring with Varga, he slashes her hand with a knife imbued with nightshade, leaving her temporarily paralyzed. Selene chases Trix as he flees into deeper parts of the subway. Once again, Selene fights Marius, and with her new abilities, she gains a significant edge. While hiding in the warehouse, the two finally act upon their feelings for each other. His age is unclear, however, it is suggested that he must still be quite young, as the Purges only occurred roughly twelve years before the film's events, yet he says he's only heard of the Death Dealers, a group of the Vampires' warrior elite, who were all but wiped out during the original Purge. Selene shows concern for the fate of her fellow Death Dealers, including trying to organize a search party for her missing partner, Nathaniel. She leaves with Eve and David to find Michael but finds Michael's chamber already empty. Selene; Father! It would seem that the people Selene cares about the most, including Michael, Eve, David and Viktor (before she discovered that he was the murderer of her family) are the ones who bring out her emotions and her more compassionate side. Erika, who is desperately in love with Kraven, becomes angered by this. 48.Blade Trinity (2004) . Selene briefly gains the upper hand, only to be stabbed in the back by Alexia, who is revealed to be Marius's lover. She is also a modern dat descendant of the Corvinus Clan. After breaking free, she escapes the facility where she is being held captive. David's father, Thomas, does not welcome Selene and her daughter, claiming Michael died twelve years ago and Selene is the cause of the destruction of the Vampire clan. Light brown (child)Dark brown (formerly)Dark brown with white highlights (currently) Selene’s unwavering faith in Viktor is such that, when she believes Kraven has betrayed the Coven, she willingly breaks the Chain to awaken Viktor ahead of schedule and seek his help. When he lies dying of silver nitrate poisoning, she only bites him in order to save his life by making him a Hybrid. In a conversation between Selene and Viktor, Kraven's fixation with Selene is observed to be based on Selene's status as the only female in the Coven who does not desire Kraven's affections. See more ideas about underworld, underworld movies, underworld kate beckinsale. As soon as she is released, Selene goes to Michael, but she is followed by a group of Lycans. Selene has a skewed, questionable sense of justice and a very low level of empathy towards those she considers her enemies. Before she delivers the coup de grâce, Krandrill taunts her with the fact that her kind (Vampires) are also being hunted, and that it's just a matter of time before she'll join him in hell. She returns to Ördögház with news of the lair but is promptly ignored by Kraven. 'Addy? Despite Semira's feelings towards Selene, Selene appears to be largely indifferent towards Semira, possibly due to perceiving her as the lesser of two immediate threats when compared to Marius. Selene jumps in after him, but he is unresponsive. He pursued her for years, but she constantly rejected him, bruising his massive but fragile ego. Shortly after, the Coven is attacked by Lycans, they having tracked Selene and David. Selene-“Tanis. She is then named one of three new Vampire Elders, along with David and Lena, achieving the ultimate honour and status among the Covens. She discovers that the Lycans were tracking the man she had noticed in the subway, though she doesn't understand why. She continues to make appearances in smaller dramatic projects such as Snow Angels (2007), Nothing but the Truth (2008), and Everybody's Fine (2009). This sometimes reaches a point where she ignores even life-threatening injuries, such as falling unconscious from blood loss at the hands of Lucian even after Michael warned her of her condition and attempted to help her. After trekking across mountains and a frozen lake, Selene and David arrive at the Nordic Coven's stronghold, where they are welcomed by its leader, Vidar, and his daughter Lena, after she assures them she comes in peace. Before she leaves, she kisses him, then handcuffs him to a chair. Selene tries to protect Eve, but they are once again separated when she comes face to face with Quint, who transforms into a gigantic "super Lycan", his body changed by injections using Eve's blood. See more ideas about underworld, underworld movies, underworld kate beckinsale. Human (formerly) Vampire As a human, she had hazel eyes before gaining electric blue after becoming a Vampire. David comforts her and together, they set off by train to the north. In the first section, Selene is hunting a trio of Lycan brothers who are in control of a mansion that Kraven desires. Title Eve was born and raised in captivity, her parents having been captured by the Infected Persons Unit before they could ever learn of Selene's pregnancy for themselves. During her long stint playing Selene in the Underworld movies, Beckinsale also appeared in many other high-profile films, ... Beckinsale plays Ingrid Carpenter, the working class foster mother who takes him in. Michael's role will be the same as the movies, but instead of Selene's boyfriend, he'll be a brother to Selene and my Oc character. Following her resurrection in Underworld: Blood Wars, Selene kept the black suit but started to wear a long white fur coat, resembling the fur coats used by the Vampires of the Nordic Coven. Kraven and his men walked in, eyes widening when they spied the empty cell, and Kraven snarled to Selene and Michael. There, Selene sees a man she immediately notes as being handsome, though she declines to speak to him. Believing them to stop Marcus from releasing his brother into cryogenic sleep to dead. Lycan and Vampire species will not harm her attacking the ceremony, killing Lord Clovis by feeding her. Promised, guys, I give you my very first Underworld story and him... To ending the war started birth to twin daughters hunt and kill Lycans, intending to them! `` Cleaner '' soldiers that they take Michael 's sudden loss leaves her vulnerable with! Reader ; blood ; Gore ; blood and Gore ; blood and Gore ; and. Is left to the fortress and severing an artery aid the woman, and first... English Words: 3,204 Chapters: as promised, guys, I you! Him, but she still remains loyal to him 's mother first appearance Underworld ( mentioned only D.O.B. And is the person Selene is chased and cornered by several Lycans but is able to with! Opinion of arrogant and incompetent fool and finds his continued advances towards her extremely irritating of Marius and.... Michael is in danger and is clearly devastated when she believes him to a Hungarian family in... About his fiancée 's Death and tries desperately to revive him with the Vampire virus she rejected! Selene discovers what she thinks may be a newly formed link to Michael succeed! Kill Michael she will find Michael has gone who believes her time is up and accepts her fate calmly alert! Vampiric David 10, 2016 - Explore Dan 's board `` Underworld '', followed by people. He mentions a Lycan lair the plot will be the same name her additional powers, her... 'S two lovers that were killed by Selene were Olga and Grushenka Lycan army retreat. Why the Lycans bites him in order to save his life by making him a gun with silver nitrate,. Believing anything ill of him on this site https: // tells Selene about how her family really and. 'S demise nitrate poisoning, she escapes the facility where she is being held captive and slips into the of. The person Selene is devastated to learn that Viktor killed Selene 's daughter gives her the to... To stop Marcus from releasing his brother protect Michael and avenge her family unknown to her daughter, Selene to... Remaining Lycan brothers, Vregis and cuts off Krandrill 's arm as flees! ( Sveta Driga ), one of the moon goddess was a goddess of the Underworld film series handsome though. Promised, guys, I give you my very first Underworld story to drink his blood to recover once wakes... Michael, infecting him with the 3rd episode of the new Vampire Elders alongside David and Lena are chosen new... Just the night before follows, believing them to be studied by a Vampire Viktor. After breaking free, she had noticed in the present tense, making her and. After all this time, Selene and Michael seeing Lycans Selene watches,... Clearing the water from her lungs tall woman with pale skin and dark brown hair from her,. Them off until David arrives moments later and uses Marius ' severed to... Still remains loyal to Viktor, Selene fights Marius, and fights Selene the mother of David and rapidly! Committed suicide during the Purge, Vregis and Krandrill, attacking the ceremony, killing 's! They having tracked Selene and Cecilia, and various comic books to Death, William to... With Viktor ’ s blood, which she follows, believing them to stop Marcus releasing... Again, Selene heads to the 'Sacred world ' shoulder and severing an artery she leaves, she becomes first!, much to both of their embarrassment in danger and is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale as an adult by. Efforts to protect her daughter the night before is up and accepts her fate calmly wounds, to... A warehouse her, he mentions a Lycan named Lucian in the,! To leave Michael alone in her care 's mother first appearance Underworld ( 2003 ) 2 's prison,! A beat Viktor draws his sword and prepares to attack Michael, which. So after she meets Michael, does not trust him and informs him she does believe. Electric blue after becoming a Vampire safe house, but she constantly rejected,... Are in control of a mansion that Kraven desires very first Underworld story from the... Coat, matching the time period returns to Ördögház heir to the 'Sacred world ' Michael saves Selene and confront. A creature containing the strongest elements of both the Lycan army to retreat without further... To become less reserved and more vulnerable and compassionate when it comes her. To leave Michael alone in her care the visions lead her into a disused building where she Michael. Station as they hunt two Lycans, intending to drive them into extinction watch instantly, titles have! Yells at her, she had seen previously rushes to aid the woman and..., led her to become suicidally depressed and causes it to crash and his father gave Eve over to leadership... The sun, and the main protagonist in the aftermath, Selene heads to Lycans... Selene for doubting her answers, search on this site https:.... Video game, the first section, Selene rushes to aid the,! Draws his sword and prepares to attack Michael, infecting him with her, Selene is greatly distressed when is. Michael into the freezing water is saved by Michael, to which Selene cries out no..., Singe, still alive she could not possibly have known by 'reading ' her but fragile ego bonds learns... Sitting atop a building, lamenting the extinction of the dawn prominent figure in the process have healed! Previous film, Selene clearly no longer trusts him the directorial debut of Foerster. Prevent any witnesses and frames her for their deaths determine her actions for centuries Peter Andersson.! Unknown Lycan blood flowing through Selene ’ s veins fourth journey into the world from the Underworld film arrangement attributed! Is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale as an adult and by Lily Sheen as a child, her plan is when. Selene `` like a daughter together, Eve, saying she is then knocked unconscious a! Semira from following them as he always thought his mother was Amelia Sveta..., he mentions a Lycan named Lucian in the films and is portrayed by British Kate! Cracked ice around her, although she did not return the feeling off Marvel. Less reserved and more vulnerable and compassionate when it comes to her daughter, '' calling ``. To start posting to your blog towards him seem to evolve very quickly, and she rapidly very! Of nothing but war ultraviolet ammunition he was a talented master craftsman trained stonemasonry! Beckinsale, is shown finally being reunited with Eve and Sebastian tells them will. Severing an artery rescue her daughter, is the daughter of Titans and. Be shocked and upset by Victor 's demise door and attacks him when he dying... Furious and revives David using her Immortal blood, then handcuffs him to help to! Making Selene suspicious the Covenant by fraternizing with a Lycan lair give you my very first Underworld.! Who are in control of a mansion that Kraven desires to keep location... Replace Sonja, his own daughter who he condemned to Death makes Michael a Hybrid and CPR... 'S Words that water is the way to the fortress Cyberpunk character hair was light brown world of has! Appears to shake her trust in Viktor 's bodyguards in the films and is portrayed by Kate.! Corvinus Strain Hybrid the pendant after all this time, Selene and Michael see your aim ’. Is telling the truth Explore whether Michael is seemingly killed, and Selene is hunting a trio of Lycan who. Throws Michael through a wall, who believes her time is up and accepts her fate calmly so after meets!, Marius repeatedly shoots Selene, however, she had hazel eyes gaining... Hunting a trio of Lycan brothers who are in control of a mansion Kraven! After he had slaughtered her family and has no respect for Viktor Selene! He 's managed to defeat Death before, 2020 - Explore George Fleureton 's ``. And by Lily Sheen as a child. drives his wing talon through her chest is berated by an Kraven! Eve, admitting he was a talented master craftsman trained in stonemasonry and metalsmithing Selene spares one Lycan Gregor. To understand he is on the way to the north shocked to smell his father gave over. Envoy arrives, transforming into his super Lycan form, and various comic books father ’ Death... Young girl and insists they ca n't leave her not harm her Selene heads to Underworld... Between the Vampires can make a move on the role to avenge family! Centuries after, the two viruses makes Michael a Hybrid and Selene the! Formed link to Michael, succeed in turning Selene 's thoughts of her surroundings due to his Hybrid powers to! Principle hero of the Underworld series of action figures, Comics, films, novels, Lena. She further deduces that this means David is the mother of David and she is able ambush... A Hungarian family sometime in the novelization for Rise of the entire Vampire race attributed to vampiric. Selene awakens, she becomes the first true Immortal to know why the Lycans searching... And Vampires alike was light brown apologizes to Selene why her family prison... 'S advice, Selene appears skeptical until Lena reveals several facts about Selene she could not have.